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Working for change can bring about personal change. My experience, both professionally and private, allows me to show you doors available that you can step through towards new beginnings. My work is to bring you to these doors, exploring their possibilities. Your work is to cross their threshold. 

Usually people ask me to coach them around topics of growth and wealth. I provide clarity, allowing the biggest changes to be broken down into small executable next steps. 

As a coach I provide 1 on 1 overview and guidance. 


How I work

I love getting to know you while hiking in nature. If during this intake we agree on a match being present we schedule a second meeting to dive into your question and how to formulate a step by step plan how to deepen insights around the subject. During our journey it always gets personal.


As a coach I use different Western and Eastern methodologies. From Stoic reasoning, meditations to working with Chinese elements (Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal/Gold & Water) and human design for personal growth and development. Currently, I am being trained in the workings of Logotherapy of Dr. Frankl.

Interested? Get in touch. 

Image by Alexander Milo
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