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Triple A

Allocation, allocation, allocation.

A world where one phonecall connects you to the right cause in need of your knowledge, one email to connect you with the right network of people, one press of a button for the right resources get to the right passionate people and projects.

I believe there is an abundance of human talent, financial resources and innovative initiatives. 


I live and work to create the overview to connect different people, systems and networks to ensure that the next seven generations have a planet where they can live with love, joy and abundance. All the resources - people, ideas, money - are there, just not yet at their rightful destination.


Fortunately, there are people all around the world testing and implementing new solutions every day. Unfortunately, they are often working within their own silo’s/systems and create partial solutions instead of holistic/integral approaches for our challenges.

It is time to connect and finance local changemakers in order to tackle our global social challenges.

Allocate your resources the right way to create the impact you want. Because a surgeon in Cameroon should have the same equipment as a surgeon in California.

Interested? Get in touch. 

Image by Markus Spiske
Vision: Over mij
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