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How: Over mij


Creating impact means producing change. As a family, individual or organisation you know your reasons for supporting a certain social cause, your why. The how of getting there, and the with what is what I bring to the table to make your social dream a reality.


How I work

As a social producer I keep a clear overview of the project and continually refine the structures needed in the execution. I deconstruct complex social challenges into executable design processes. These steps can include: the set up of an B-Corp/foundation, leading creative teams, providing strategic advice and guidance when and where necessary. 

I bring highly creative and driven teams together, handpicked for the specific social challenge. I invest time in creating the best possible solution. I apply everything I've learned during my years of experience working with multi stakeholder processes with both public and private organisations. I move fast, am action oriented, and am sparked by collaboration.


I play full out and ask you to do the same. I too have skin in the game. I fully believe that social challenges deserve full commitment and change needs all the dedication available. My compensation is based on impact criteria / outcome based. 


This strategy has proven me successful as a social producer in several foundations, cooperations, initiatives and projects over the last 15 years: LiveBuild, National Initiative Restructuring Debt, Social Labs Healthy Children, Social Lab Demographic Decline, Community Land Trust Bijlmer, Grond van Bestaan (Ground of Existence), and more. 


The world needs new ways of value creation. Looking forward to producing change together with you.

Interested? Get in touch. 

Image by Paul Skorupskas
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