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As a consultant, I bring knowledge and reflection. I am often asked to give feedback in organisations about impact investing, venture philanthropy and blended financing. These past few years, I specialised in complex societal issues / wicked problems. I consult on dealing with complexity and systemic change. Together with clients I discover and implement systemic long term solutions, instead of the quick fixes. 


How I work

There is valuable knowledge and experiences in all of us. My role is to provide additional knowledge and experiences and bring unconscious knowledge and experiences to the surface.

We always co-create. Change is a complex endeavour, which is why I try to steer clear from traditional, lineair consulting - come in, observe, write a report, move on - and instead dive in deep together with the people involved, creating a new way together. 


With a basis derived from my facilitation studies and experience I lead teams with interactive workshops to gain new insights. 

As a consultant I worked together with different social institutions, foundations, NGO's, several ministries in the Netherlands (topics: democratic innovation, land reform, interactive water management), social housing corporations, childcare organisations and many more. 

Interested? Get in touch. 

Image by Yeshi Kangrang
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